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Sum 2 2017

Art Fun @ TSC

The children had lots of fun creating their own art work in 2D and 3D including the Playworkers too!!

TSC - Teddy Bears and Shelters

TSC - Pirates Arrived at School

More Fun @ TSC - this time making fruity things!

Fun @ The Squirrel Club

Orienteering with Y5

Year 5 had a challenging day investigating and navigating the orienteering course on the Edge.

They had to contend with wet and muddy conditions to find the orienteering markers and clues dotted around the course.

There was great team work, great map reading and great fun!

A Titanic Afternoon for Y4

The Year 4s ended their Titanic topic yesterday by creating a Titanic tea party. For once, third and second class were allowed to dine with the first class passengers. The children could see the difference between the menus for each class of travellers and were able to sample some of the different types of cakes, and breads that would have been offered on board Titanic.

The children really got into role each coming as a chosen passenger on board Titanic, unfortunately as the afternoon wore on Captain Smith gave the passengers the dreaded news that Titanic had struck an iceberg and was sinking. Afternoon tea was abandoned as the children hurried to reach the lifeboats before Titanic sunk.

During the afternoon the Year 4s also presented Emily Crawford, a former pupil, with table decorations they had designed and created for her upcoming wedding in August. She was been delighted with the quality of the designs and decorations and has promised the children lots of photographs of their table decorations on the day.

Joesph - KS2 Summer Production

Way, way back many centuries ago... well actually the last 2 nights, KS2 performed the story of Joseph to packed houses of parents and siblings. On show was a huge variety of talent ranging from singing to acting to acrobatics. A hugely successful and memorable show, the children were fabulous in every aspect, recreating the story of Joseph and his brothers. We're all very proud of their achievements.

Y6 - It's Your Move

Year 6 have completed their work on transitioning to High School with a morning led by Rev Ben Clowes at Alderley Edge Methodist Church.  Ben and his team delivered a series of activities called 'It's Your Move' which encouraged the children to think about their High School and to make the right choices; recognising that they are in control of their own decisions.  The children had a fantastic morning - thank you to Ben for organising this event.

Growing our own!

So, not only do we grow brains at AECPS, we also grow great vegetables!

From broad beans to miniature beans, from lettuce to leeks, from potatoes to peppers, we've got the lot!

This year also saw a scientific investigation into whether the addition of coffee grounds (kindly donated by Waitrose) made a difference to the growing power of our produce. The results will be assessed when we finally harvest. But have you noticed too?

The race is also on for the tallest sunflower, with Year 3 currently in the lead for the tallest and Year 5 and Reception vying for the most healthy plants.

Year 6 Special Final Lunch

Reception and KS1 Sports Day

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Year 6 are Making a Difference

The Year 6 children designed, created, advertised and marketed their stalls in an effort to make as much money for their team (and the PTA).

Alan Sugar would have been proud of them!!

They collectively made over £200 for the PTA!!

And at the same time they and all the children in school had great fun too.

Well done to the Year 6 children for making a difference.

Art displayed at The Wilmslow Show

Year 5 Design and Build

Year 5 have been designing and building moving models using the power of air!

Did you know that when you compress or squeeze air out of a container, like a syringe, it will push the air to fill another container, like a balloon?

This is called a pneumatic system and Year 5 models used this process.

Titanic Year 4 Children

A titanic two days! As part of this term's topic on Titanic the Year 4 children have been looking at a number of investigations.

  • Why did The Titanic sink?
  • Which materials might have helped it stay afloat?
  • Why does a small paper clip sink but a metal ship floats?

Next they had to complete a challenge on how to load up a ship with cargo before it sank, what improvements were needed so that they could add more cargo safely.

Next week they are looking forward to testing the rivets that were used in the construction of Titanic and creating their own icebergs.

Year 6 Erupt

Year 6 had great fun creating their own 'volcanic eruptions'!  The 'red lava' was the result of a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar. The children worked scientifically to create the most effective 'volcano'!  There are still a couple of groups who have yet to erupt their volcano!  Watch this space!!

PTA Bales Race 2017

Young Andy Murrays during Sports Week

Year 4 Art Trip

Year 4 had a wonderful day at Manchester Art Gallery recently.They analysed paintings to learn more about the culture of the Greeks and in particular the rise and fall of the great Greek heroes and their foes the Trojans. They were also able to identify features of the Art Gallery itself which had been inspired by the Greeks. They then were able to visit many of the other exhibitions and were extremely creative in the hands on gallery!

Y2 Residential Trip

Year 2 Residential Trip

Sports Week - Day 4

Year 2 had the opportunity to be part of a team by taking part in a fun and exciting dodgeball tournament. Apart from developing; leadership, team work and communication skills.........the children had a GREAT TIME.

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon today at Heyes Lane Tennis Club with Coach Paul.  They developed their tennis skills and worked with partners and as part of a team on the court. They practiced their forehand and backhand and had a championship-style competition too! They all had a great time!

Day 4 and you would have found the Year 4s 'messing about on the river.' Well Tatton Park actually and they weren't messing about but learning how to paddle a bell boat and how to move about the boats without falling in! However they were allowed to have a dip in the lake at the end of their activity. After this scorching week that was very welcome. Not only did Year 4 paddle their boats they also raced each other in peddle karts. Just like Top Gear they now have a timed laps leader board, Joint first place Maja and Sam with 29 seconds.  Well done to both!!

So Year 5 swapped sunhats for helmets, shorts for salopettes and t shirts for coats! Why you might ask? They would say it was snowing where they were going! Indeed, they went to the Chill Factor to enjoy sledging, luging and the mini donuts. A great time was had by all and they definitely enjoyed the cooler temperatures!

Year 1 unfortunately had golf rained off this morning but luckily we were able to enjoy PFC project X activities this afternoon!   There was a Super Smash kick by Sam today and great ball skills shown by all children. A brilliant 4th day of sports for us!

The weather was not as kind to us today but that did not stop Year 2 from taking part in and enjoying a Tri-Golf lesson. The children worked in teams and planned their tactics on how to score more points that the other teams.

Sports Week - Day 3

Year 5 enjoyed a day of cycling and rounders. They completed cycling manoeuvres on the school field, including scooting, slalom and speed races. Great fun, and fabulous skill. In the afternoon they undertook a festival of rounders games, playing different house teams.  There was some excellent bowling, fielding and running!

Reception children enjoyed a session of "Music and Movement" today with Mrs Aiken. The children learnt how to respond the speed and volume of music and also had fun being space men and bunny rabbits! It was a great experience to develop the use of voice and body together and the children had great fun!

So Year 5 dealt with the hot, hot, hot by getting wet, wet, wet!  Team games involving water were enjpyed by all today in the scorching heat.  But not only that, they tried tri golf and music and movement.  All in all, a day of many varied sporting activities. I wonder which one they preferred?

Year 2 had a wonderful day today learning how to care for horses as well as a riding lesson.

Day 3 and the Year4 children rose to today's challenges, in the morning they fine tuned their hockey skills at the Quicksticks Hockey Festival led by Alderley Edge Hockey Club and after a quick turnaround they were out again in the afternoon to Heyes Lane Tennis Club to put into practise their fantastic tennis skills.  Watch out Andy Murray!

Year 3 - A great morning was spent with sports coaches from Alderley Edge Hockey club. The children learnt passing skills and control and even managed to play mini games in the over powering heat! Well done to all we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Year One had a fabulous time at Tennis this afternoon when then visited Alderley Edge Tennis club. Getting ready for Wimbledon!!!

Sports Week - Day 2

Fantastic weather. Fantastic sports.  Fantastic day.

Year 6 had a fantastic day at the Manchester Velodrome, BMXing. The children learnt new cycling skills needed to conquer the indoor BMXing track - for some even standing to cycle at all times was a challenge! Whilst there, all the children took the opportunity to visit the actual velodrome track and watched cyclists trying to master its steep sides.

Year 3 climbed to dizzy heights today!! Combatting all fears Year 3 enjoyed and supported each other to the top of the climbing wall. Then abseiled their way down!

Year 3 had great fun learning golf skills and testing them out! We have a few great swingers in year 3!!!

Year 1 enjoyed learning how to play dodge ball today and had inter house competitions , some super skills were shown.

Year 1 also ran the red line as many times as they could in 10 minutes!! Lots of water drank after that activity!!!

Day 2 of Sports Week and the challenges kept coming for Year 4.  From scaling the heights on the climbing wall, or driving , chipping and perfecting their swing in golf, to taking a blindfolded mystery tour guided by their partners on the Nightline.  A fun packed second day!

Ask year 2 what they think about running the red-line mile and they will reply 'easy peasy lemon squeezy'. The children have been in training since September so they all enjoyed showing off how good they are at running a mile to kick off sports week this morning.

Farewell to Rev Ben

A sad farewell to Reverend Ben who is moving to a new Parish in Yorkshire this summer.  This was his last Assembly with us and we had it outside! Far too hot inside!!  Reverend Ben has visited us for 10 years and we wish him all the best for the move to his new Parish.

More Photos from Day 1

Year 4's Sports Week started with an energetic music and movement session, the class had to concentrate hard on rhythm, movement and controlling a tennis ball!  In the afternoon they took part in the Tag Rugby Festival at WHS. They were able to demonstrate their excellent rugby skills that has been a focus of their PE sessions at school.

Year One had a great day today doing music and movement in the morning, learning new songs and actions. Then in the afternoon they were super at guiding their partner along the night line in the environmental area.

Sports Week Day 1

The pictures above are hopefully self explanatory but information below hopefully explains more...

What a scorcher! Year 5 ran the red line today and walked the nightline! Both events encouraged working as a team, but in different ways.

And if the morning wasn't hot enough, it was even hotter on the rugby field in the afternoon. Year 4 and 5 took part in a rugby festival at Wilmslow High School, learning skills and playing other schools. Phew! It certainly was hot!

Despite the extremely hot weather Year 3 were full of enthusiasm and action on the tag Rugby field at Wilmslow High school this morning! They played numerous other Year 3 school teams and learnt to catch, throw and the importance of team work! We have some extremely talented boys and girls scoring tries!!!

The Environmental Area in school provided Year 3 with welcome shade this afternoon. They used the night line set up, to find their way with the help of a partner, around the woodland area. We soon discovered who was good at giving instructions!! And who was good at listening to them!! Luckily, we all found our way back! Great fun was had by all.

Sports Week 2017 (19th to 23rd June)

We are delighted to let you know that this year’s Sports Week has started and has been brilliant so far and we are looking forward to it culminating in Sports Day on Friday 23rd June.

The week has been generously sponsored by the makers of HiPro Peanut Butter and Savills Estate Agents as well as a number of private donations by parents.

These donations and sponsorship, together with school funds, means that all the costs relating to events, activities and coaching are completely covered. However, cost of transport to offsite venues will need to be met by parental donations.

The children from across the school will be taking part in a huge range of sports including…

BMX riding at the Manchester Velodrome
Climbing on a climbing wall
Cricket Inter House Competitions
Dodgeball Inter House Competitions
Horse Riding
Long distance running Inter House Competitions
Mountain biking
Music and Movement
Rounders Inter House Competitions
Water based activities
Tag Rugby WHS
Team Building Activities

Performing with the Halle

The Orchestra from Years 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to play with the Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

Imagine that!! 

They played collaborative pieces and listened to some amazing renditions of Indiana Jones, Harry Potter plus Romeo and Juliet.  Also, picture this, the Halle Orchestra composed and performed a unique piece played entirely on fidget spinners!

A truly remarkable experience!