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Spr 1 2018


Y5 Absorbing and Filtering

Year 5 have been busy testing the absorbancy of different papers and then relating their findings to everyday use.

It was important to keep to the fair testing rules so they could compare their results.

Next they defined dissolving and, using their definition, tested different powders to see which actually dissolved.  There was a strong smell of coffee in the air!

As a next step, they began to test if they could get the liquid and solid back by filtering their solutions. There's more science to come...

Y4 Science

Year 4 have been observing changes in colours when they made their 'water walk'.

Using a series of full and empty cups of coloured water and kitchen paper they could see overnight how the water had been absorbed and 'walked' magically into the empty cups to create new colours.

They also created a class full of chromatography butterflies.

Y5 celebrate Chinese New Year

Year 5 celebrated Chinese new Year today with a chopsticks training session!

They tried everything from strawberrry laces (representing noodles) to bananas (Sam's snack) in attempt to master the tricky skill.

A tasty and fun experience!

Y4 Science Week

Year 4 have been chasing rainbows as part of science week - they investigated what happened when milk, food colouring and a touch of washing up liquid were combined.

What happened?  You need to ask the Year 4 children.

The next challenge, making water this space!

Science with Cabbages

Year 6 had a fantastic day learning about chemistry and in particular acids and alkalies.

They used red cabbage solution as an indicator to test many household products to see if they were acidic.

The children had a hands-on experience testing milk proteins and observed the reaction when mixed with different liquids.

The highlight of the day was learning to mix chemicals to create slime - a real treat!

Y2 Science with Fruit!

Will an orange, lemon and a lime float or sink when placed in water?

What happens when we take the skin off?

Year 2 Investigate!!

Year 2 found out that oranges and lemons floated with the skin on and sank when they peeled them. The children realised that the orange and the lemon peel is full of tiny air pockets that helps the buoyancy. 

They discovered that the lime sank with the peel on!!  This was because the lime did not have the same air pockets and the skin was quite different.

Y6 visit AE Library

Year 6 visited Alderley Edge Library to find out about what the library has to offer and how it can help them with their transition to high school.

The children knew they had lots of books to borrow but they hadn't realised that they also had nonfiction books, periodicals, e-books, DVDs; as well as excellent librarians who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help them learning.

Science Week - Day 1

Science Week at school started with a 'Bang' and a 'Buzz' quite literally, as Professor Brainstorm introduced us to a world of scientific magic.

From human electric circuits, disappearing water, hammering nails with bananas, frozen flowers and popping Pringles.

We learnt all about how science is used in the real world.... and had lots of fun trying to work out the 'Magic of Science'.

Safer Internet Day

Year 2 have been learning all about how to stay safe online. The children asked each other how they could be a good friend online? They also designed part of a jigsaw to promote safer and kinder Internet use.

The Reception class listened to the story of 'The Three Little Monsters'.     They discussed what was said to them online and how that made them feel.  The children also talked about who helped the monsters.  The reception children found out more about  what it means to 'connect' and then created a huge web by passing a ball of wall across the circle. As the connection was made, the children complemented each other too!

Year 6 spent Safer Internet Day considering how they would expect an 'online friend' to behave and what sort of behaviours would upset others. The children showed great empathy and understanding, recognising how their thoughts and deeds can make other people feel and make a pledge to do a good deed to make someone else feel happy.  As part of this work, they realised that it is their responsibility to keep themselves safe by being careful what they post; sharing their worries with responsible adults and using the report function on any platform they are using.

Year 4 made Internet Pledges as part of this year's Safer Internet Day Theme -  'Create, Connect and Share Respect'

Year 5 investigated how to keep safe online, particularly keeping your personal details private. They produced PowerPoints to share the message across the school.

To find out more as to how you keep your children safe online just go to the home page of the SCHOOL WEBSITE>COMMUNITY>NEED HELP AT HOME?


Year 6 has a great time and all players showed great skills.  Sometimes the umpiring decisions didn’t go our way which was a shame because we played some strong hockey.  Alderley 1 Battling against the elements, lost their first match, smashed the 2nd match 3-0 and then drew the next 2 games. The last match against Ashdene School should have been ours but some unlucky D work allowed a fluke goal . Unlucky but we showed great sportsmanship and teamwork well done team.

Year 6 Detectives

A serious crime took place in The Old School Room and Year 6 were called upon to investigate.

As part of their topic on Crime and Punishment, Year 6 used their detective skills to investigate a murder scene; collecting evidence and drawing conclusions as to the circumstances that led up to this tragic event taking place.

Their evidence will be supplemented with witness statements so that they can produce their own crime scene reports.

"We really enjoyed this activity as it was fun, practical and a different way of learning," said Jack, Bethan and Freddy.

Y3 Rock Hunt

Year 3 have been learning about rocks and stones.

They learnt how our planet is made up of rock and then went on an interesting rock hunt around the school grounds.

Library Visit for Y3

Last week Year 3 walked to the Alderley Edge Library.

They discovered some lovely books and it was hard to choose just one book to bring back!!

Silence descended in classroom on their return as they all sat and enjoyed reading their new stories!!

Y2 Visit the Alderley Edge Library

This morning, Year 2 had a wonderful time visiting Alderley Edge Library.

The children learnt how to find books using the Dewey System as well as learning how to loan books using the library's computer system.

Mrs Sym was extremely proud of how well the children behaved when walking through the village and the wonderful questions they asked at the library.

Netball Tournament

High 5 Netball Tournament

On Wednesday the netball team took part in a High 5 Netball Tournament at Wilmslow High School.

Due to the very cold weather the event took place inside.  After a slow start when we lost our first match against Ashene 6-0, the team then improved. Next they drew 1-1 against Gorsey Bank.

In the final match against Bollinbrook the team improved both their passing and spacing out on court to win the game 2-0. They finished in joint second position and came away with silver medal.

School Games Makers Conference

School Games Makers Conference

Our four School Games Makers  - Charlie, Amelia, Polly and Kate - attended the MSSP School Games Makers Conference at Wilmslow High School on Monday.  After listening to an energetic and inspirational talk by Craig Heap, ex Olympic gymnast, the students thought about how they could engage everyone in the government's new 30/30 initiative.

This aims to get all children doing 30 minutes of extra activity during the school day and then 30 minutes outside of school. They took part in some practical examples of how this can be achieved in a classroom and will be talking to the staff about they can easily incorporate this into their lessons.

They also won a prize for writing down (in 2minutes) the highest number of different activities that their school offers. The four school games makers will also be introducing some personal challenges for children in school to do at lunch and break times.

Indoor Athletics

Sportshall Athletics

On Thursday afternoon 24 children from Y5&6 took part in the Wilmslow Schools Sportshall Athletics competition at Wilmslow High School.

It was a very noisy afternoon, with 8 schools all loudly cheering their teams on.

The whole team performed brilliantly in the different track and field events and showed great team spirit by congratulating each other after they had performed their events.

The team came third overall, just missing out on second by 4 points!

Well done to everyone, you all gave 100% in your performance and your support.

Y5 learn what to do in a fire

Today Year 5 took part in the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service community fire safety awareness session.

During this session they found out how to make a fire plan for their own families and what strategies you need to use when you are in a smoke filled room.

Y4 Visit AE Library

This morning Year 4 visited Alderley Edge Library.

They spent a productive time learning about how books were organised, the different types of media the library have to offer that they can borrow and they were able to use the computers to search for their favourite authors.

Finally, arms laden, they returned to school eager to read their chosen books.

This morning Year 4 visited Alderley Edge Library.

They spent a productive time learning about how books were organised, the different types of media the library have to offer that they can borrow and they were able to use the computers to search for their favourite authors.

Finally, arms laden, they returned to school eager to read their chosen books.

Y4 Science Investigation

So, are spaces really empty?

This was the question that Year 4 investigated in Science this week.

They weighed air, did magic cup tricks, watched raisins dance, soaked different types of sponges and raced ping pong balls.

They can tell you now if spaces are really empty....!!

Sweet Science in Y6

Science with Sweets!

Year 6 have started their science topic on classification with a sweet treat!

They have been using complex venn diagrams and learning about sorting trees to classify different types of confectionery according to their own criteria.

The children tried and tested each others methods to decide if their criteria were robust and their sets and sub-sets were as they had intended.

But what happened to the sweets?