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Spr 1 2020


year 4 drama

Year 4 used drama to  understand the emotions of the characters in  their book, 'The Journey'. This book is about a family that has traveled far to escape a war torn country. The freeze frames year 4 came up with were fantastic and depicted the characters feelings at the time perfectly. 

Tag Rugby Team In Action

The year 5/6 tag rugby team braved the elements at Macclesfield Rugby Club  and took part in the  MSSP tag rugby tournament.

There were 20 schools present and the team played 4 matches in their section, winning 1 and narrowly losing the other 3 games.

They whole team played well, showing great determination and teamwork, despite the very cold and wet conditions. Well done to everyone who took part.

Year 1 investigate science with Turbo Tom

Year 1 enjoyed Turbo Tom the Scientist visiting their class and doing lots of activities using light including lasers,shadow puppets, light graffiti and glow sticks!

Year 5 and 6 Science Fair

To celebrate the end of science week, year 5 and 6 held a science fair with all their fantastic displays of the great investigations they had been carrying out at home.

All the classes visited the fair during the day and the children could clearly articulate their experiments and what they had found out.

After school, parents joined the year 5 and 6s to see the results of all the hard work and see who had won the different prizes.

Well done to Millie Thorp (Y6) who was the overall winner.

Year 6 science with cabbages

Year 6 spent the day learning all about acids and alkalies with Dr Hanlon from Science With Cabbages.

The children used cabbage juice to test different household products and then looked at the different gasses that are given off in chemical reactions.

A great day with lots of new learning and knowledge for everyone!

Year 2 Visit the Catalyst Discovery Centre

On Thursday Year 2 went to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre.  

To extend and enrich their classroom learning the children took part in a Fabulous Fabric workshop and a Tasty Toothpaste workshop. 

The Children learnt about the difference between natural and synthetic dyes and the difference between dye and paint. Then they tie dyed a piece of material. They also learnt the basic technique for screen printing using a simple template. They screen printed the design onto material using one colour of ink. 

Pupils then looked at the effects that fizzy drinks have on their teeth. They discussed different types of teeth and followed a recipe and made their own toothpaste. They then assessed how effective their own toothpaste was compared to a range of real of toothpastes!

year 5 visit Jodrell Bank

Year 5  had a fun packed day, which started with a hands on exhibition and then two workshops which allowed them to experience the challenges faced by an astronaut in space- try building a circuit wearing gloves!

As part of the Mars Rover challenges we also had to design an effective landing system that would ensure a safe landing for the vehicles on Mars so that they wouldn't be damaged on impact. With only 10 minutes to create a system it was touch and go whether they  would be successful. Three out of the four groups were - they're looking at the astro engineers of the future.

Wonderful Worms

This week the children in Reception got hands on with earthworms!

The week started with a session with Mad Science to find out some interesting facts about worms. Next the children planned out an investigation with Miss Platt to answer the big question "What is the most effective way to get earthworms out of the ground?"

The children decided to encourage worms out using, light, vibration, food and water and recorded their findings back in the classroom. 


County Champions at Indoor Kurling

We are very proud of our year 6 indoor kurling team.

They team travelled to the county finals in Crewe to meet teams from across the whole of Cheshire.

It was a brilliant performance by the whole team who showed great skill and sportsmanship.

Well done team!

What's Your Online Identity? - Safer Internet Day in Year 2

The children in Year 2 have been comparing their 'own identity' and their 'online identity' and how some things about their own identity are not safe to share online.  

Just like many Superheroes who have two identities, Batman and Bruce Wayne, it is OK to have a second identity online.  

The children drew a picture of their fake online identity and made up a username.

very busy Day 2 in Science week for year 5

Day 2 of Science Week and Year 5 have have-

linked both their Science and Safety Internet day by going online live with Alex Worrall, an engineer from Facebook. We watched a presentation and then asked him questions about how science and engineering were linked.

We then took part in a Safety Internet Workshop given by Cheshire police - we discussed creating rules to keep us safe in chat rooms and during online gaming. We also looked at how avatars could help us keep safe online and designed our own avatars.

Finally as part of our topic on space, we took a Virtual Reality Tour with Prime VR around the galaxy, learnt some fascinating facts and saw some wonderful sights. Did you know:  Mercury's year is only 88 days, that we travel 18 miles on Earth every second, light travels to the Earth from the sun in 8 minutes, it takes light one hundred thousand years to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other. Phew what a busy day!

Year 2 had a MAD afternoon with MAD mixtures!

As part of science week, Year 2 got to mix things up and observe the fascinating world of chemical reactions!

Bubbling beakers and colorful chemicals resulting in the children making  their own 'slime to go!'

The children were warned to keep their slime away from young children, carpets, furniture and clothes!

Science Week 2020 Starts with a Bang!

Today, saw our Science Week start with a visit from mad Scientist 'Turbo Tom.' He demonstrated many different experiments from gravitational forces, lighting rocket fuel and mixing chemicals.

Evie Yr2 ' I loved the fire and gross bogies!' Charlotte Year 3 ' The tube with the fire was so cool.'

Andrea,  Rec. 'WOW!' We were all inspired, captivated and excited and can't wait for the rest of Science Week. by Freya Halliwell Year 6

Year 3 explore stories through drama

Year 3 immerse themselves in their new text- 'Stone Age Boy'. 

The children created 'freeze frames' to illustrate the moment the two main characters meet for the first time.  

How would it feel to trip over one day and fall into a world that existed 20,000 years ago?

Well done year 3!

Year 3 have been working really hard and achieved their class award!

They have enjoyed a well earned class treat! Sat snuggled with their cuddly toys, Year 3 giggled away to Alvin and The Chipmunks whilst sharing an abundance of snacks! 

A lovely afternoon had by all!


Year 3 Learn About mental health

During Mental Health Week, Year 3 shared the story of 'The Tear Thief'. 

Whilst listening to the story, the children considered the feelings expressed by the characters.  This lead onto a discussion about the importance of recognising and caring about the feelings of others.  

Year 3 also celebrated how amazing each and everyone of them is! 

Find Your Brave - Mental Health Awareness Week

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week in school. We have all been 'Finding Our Brave'.

Year 2 have been chatting about good and not so good feelings and how they can describe their feelings to others.  The children went on to learn how to recognise how other show feelings and how to respond.  They  all enjoyed acting out different feelings using facial expressions......Can you guess which feeling is being expressed?

Year 1 were learning about different emotions and how we feel at different times. What makes us feel like this? The children recorded times they felt like this and enjoyed reading some the books based on different emotions. 

Reception have been working on "Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation". They started the week by listening to a story about a Ladybird who listens to her friends worries and helps them come up with a plan to relax, focus and find ways to deal with their problems.  Every day they then took part on a relaxation session based around visualisation, breathing and calmness to help bring their worries to the forefront,and feel confident in sharing them to work on solutions. 

Netball Winners!

The yr 6 netball team won the High 5 netball Tournament held at Wilmslow High School.

They played 3 matches, won every game and didn't concede a single goal! The scores were 11-0, 5-0 and 4-0. Well done to the whole team, a great result!

reception explore the forest

Reception Explore the Forest!

Children from Reception have been exploring the forest- just like Peter did, in the story, Peter and the Wolf! Thankfully, we didn't meet a wolf but instead had fun collecting items to take back to share in the classroom.  We found, pine cones, holly branches, bark,  fern and and more.  All children were extremely respectful of the environment.

In the afternoon, the children worked carefully and produced some lovely observational drawings.  

Year 2 Visit Alderley Edge Library

Year 2 had a wonderful time visiting Alderley Edge Library.  The children learnt how to find books using the Dewey System as well as learning how to loan books using the library's computer system. 

Mrs Sym was extremely proud of how well the children behaved when walking through the village and the  wonderful questions they asked and answered during the visit.  

Hockey Team Win Gold!

AECPS hockey team are Macclesfield/Wilmslow champions, winning gold at the Quicksticks hockey tournament. 

They played brilliantly and were a team AECPS can be extremely proud of. Not only did we win confidently - winning all our games , drawing  only 1, our team showed respect, kindness and sportsmanship for all the other teams (26 in all) involved. 

Well done team and now to the Cheshire finals in March

celebrating chinese new year

Year 6 celebrated the Chinese New Year. Did you know it’s the year of the rat? They all used chopsticks to try to pick up various food items and learnt about the story of the Chinese zodiac.

terrific tchoukball team

A small group of Year 5/6 children spent the afternoon at Wilmslow High School learning the basics of tchoukball. Tchoukball is a team sport invented in Switzerland in the 1970’s combing handball, basketball and volleyball. A player can either throw or bounce the ball and you score by hitting a small rebounding net, called a frame.The children learnt the basic skills of the game by taking part in a number a different drills then they played some friendly games against other Primary schools. Everyone had a great time and the children are very keen to teach their classmates how to play the game.

Year 6 Kurling Win Gold!

The Year  6  Kurling team had a successful afternoon at WHS playing against 10 other local schools.

AECPS won every match and now go through to the Cheshire Finals. 

We are very proud of them and their supportive, friendly attitude which they showed to each other and the other teams throughout the competition.

SHHH! Year 5 visit the library

The Year 5s spent an interesting and informative morning at Alderley Edge library.

They learnt how to use the Dewey Decimal Classification system and most left clutching a new library book to read back at school.

KS2 Science Club Create Electronic Games

Science Club at school started with a flash last week!

This term's KS2 club had to build their own ' Don't flash the light  wire game' if they touched the wire. Steady nerves and a steady hand were needed to play the game

Next they're looking forward to making their own fidgit spinners.