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Spr 1 2021


On 5th January schools nationally were instructed to close for all children except the children of key workers, vulnerable children and children with SEN. That hasn't stopped children at AECPS from learning. Look at all the amazing things we have been getting up to at home and on site!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Children in Reception today learnt all about Chinese New Year. The children dressed in red as in China red is seen as the lucky colour. The children learnt about different traditions and then took part in a lesson to make their very own Chinese Lantern.

Miss Platt was very impressed with how well the children listened to and followed each instruction both at home and in the classroom.

We think they look great! 

Year 6 Verdict - Guilty!

Year 6 became Judge and Jury in the trial of Goldilocks this week. Led by the junior law associates of BNP law, Year 6 acted the character parts from the story of Goldilocks. As you can see, the children dressed for the occasion.

Key witnesses, Mummy Bear, PC Plod and Goldilocks herself presented a compelling case, however, the Jury found her guilty on the counts of breaking and entry and burglary.

Her sentence- Community Service!

Year 2 Savoury Delights

Year 2 children at home and school took part in two afternoons of cooking this week!  

After learning about the 'eat well plate', and how to use the 'claw grip' and the 'bridge grip' the children designed some healthy party food as part of the D.T curriculum.  

The children then had great fun making their pinwheel pastry sandwiches, sweet Potato boats and stuffed peppers with a variety of fillings

Safer Internet day 2021

This week was Safer Internet Day. Keeping safe online is something that the continually teach and reinforce with the children on an ongoing basis but Internet Safety Day allows us to refocus our efforts.

 This year the children at home and at school have been learning with their teachers about ‘Fake News’ and distinguishing between fact and fiction.


AECPS Virtual Art Gallery

Year 4 Brilliant Bakers

Year 4 looked at how to make bread for different purposes, whether it's for on-the-go breakfast or for a fancy dinner party.

Year 4 thought about the ingredients and design needed for their target market. They then tasted their bread and evaluated it - it was delicious! 

Watch out Bake-Off - here we come!

welcome to the wild west

 The Year 5s ended their Wild West topic with a Wild West themed day.

They chose the characters they would like to be from the Wild West and then spent the day busily undertaking the different activities their character would have had to do. They polished, cleaned, made bread, corn bread,  designed, and sewed quilt squares as a settler. They made bows and arrows, medicine bags and totem poles as Native Americans, and learnt to line dance, use a lasso, cook and eat outdoors as cowboys.

What an amazing day partner…

Year 1 Travel Back in Time

Year 1 have been learning all about what life was like for children in Victorian Britain and how the children were often used to do jobs instead of go to school.

The Year 1 children at home and in school dressed in Victorian costumes and had to create a list of jobs they needed to do including making beds, washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and general chores. They then had to do the jobs and write diary entry from the point of view of a Victorian child.

Finally, they all had to make scones for the master of the house! A busy, fun-filled day!

Year 2 Make Tudor Houses For The Great Fire of London

As part of the history curriculum in KS1 children study 'events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally'.

Year 2 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London.  The children have been working on building Tudor houses, in the style of the houses that lined the streets of London in the 1600s.  When finished, complete with frames around the windows, cladding and roof tiles the houses looked very impressive, especially all lined up together.

All children took part both in the classroom and remotely!

Year 3 design and Make Perfect Pizzas

Year 3 make the perfect pizzas on their live Food Technology session!

We all came together to practise our kneading, cutting and grating skills to create our own individual perfect pizzas with a range of toppings.  

Thank you to parents for your support and patience.  We did it!  

Year 4 Go Greek!

Year 4 have been studying the Ancient Greeks, so this week they have had a groovy Ancient Greek Day. They used historical sources to study the ancient story called 'The Trojan Horse', did it really happen?

They carefully sketched Greek vase designs to capture various scenes of Greek daily life. They particularly looked at the life of Ancient Greek children and compared it their own lives.

In English, Year 4 completed writing up their mythological stories and now started writing a newspaper report on the Trojan Horse. They have been thinking of some rhyming and alliterative headlines to grab the reader's attention!

All of Year 4 have worked so hard and had great fun!

Our reception children create self portraits

The children in Reception have been exploring different ways to express themselves.

During story times the children have listened to a number of stories about the importance of being yourself.

One of the children's favourite activities was to create a self portrait using "found objects" around their home and classroom mirroring the style of the artist Jane Perkins. Some of the children also added objects to show their hobbies, interests and the things they care about. 

year 6 explore hopes for the future

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, Year 6 have been designing a tree of Hope (based on the book of Hopes)

Whilst we are dealing with tricky times, it is always important to look forward to the good things which may happen in the future.

Year 3 Investigate Mechanisms

Year 3s are learning about  The Stone Age in history and have been reading Stig of The Dump. Whilst Year 3 have been reading Stig of the Dump together, they have been designing their own pulley systems at home.

They were inspired how Barney lowered his cans to Stig in his pit!!  

There were some fantastic ingenious ideas.  They are then going on to writing a set of instructions how to set them up!

Year 1 Home Learning Superstars

The Year One children have been busy looking at the book 'Major Glad and Major Dizzy'. There has been a range of amazing stories written by the children based on this; we have also used the book as a starting point in History, finding out about life in the past and how it has changed. The children have been learning about the 'Eat Well plate' and have produced their own plates, finding foods from each of the 5 groups at home.

Engaging with a broad and balanced curriculum

Year 6 know no bounds to their creativity, not even lockdown can curb their enthusiasm for all things creative.

Last week in RE, as part of their studies on the Islamic faith, they designed a piece of artwork which could be displayed in a Mosque.

Year 6 Virtual Food Tech

 Virtual cookery? Yes, It’s a thing!

Year 6 showed their amazing adaptability by following a live cookery stream from the Year 6 classroom to their homes and baked, along with their classmates!

Their design technology brief was to make an apple and raisin spring roll; this is a basis for creating their own ‘grab and go’ snack.

A great success! Masterchef here we come…


The children in Reception have continued to enjoy their learning through the story of “Peter and the Wolf”. They have covered lots of creative areas of learning, including a music lesson to match instruments to the different characters, colour mixing to create different shades of green for a forest painting, observational drawings of natural items found outside and digital art using paint on our computers. This topic has also allowed the children to learn more about Russia in geography, comparing features to the UK and after looking at St Basils Cathedral in Moscow researched landmarks around the world using Google Earth. The children had a video message taken at The Red Square from Miss Platt's friends in Russia which was exciting too. In science the children have experimented with the fastest way to melt ice…. all of this has been packed in around their maths and english...what a busy half term already! We have been astounded by their motivation and enthusiasm in their learning – even as the youngest learners in school they have achieved so much during this challenge.  

year 3 stone age cave art

Year 3 have shown amazing resilience these last few weeks.  They have embraced their new classroom learning on Teams and their new topics!  They have been learning about the Stone Age have written some brilliant adventure stories linked to their history. They have explored rocks and stones, in Science, and have enjoyed sharing their own collections.  They have also made their own spears and Stone Age dens whilst at home!  They have also learnt how to create Stone Age cave art, some of which is displayed in our classroom.  Well done Year 3! We are so proud of your home learning achievements.

Year 5 Native American Dream Catchers

Year 5 have had a great start to home learning finding out all about the Pioneers and Native Americans in history. As part of their art work they have been designing and making Native American dream catchers. They all hope for a good nights sleep with lovely dreams thanks to our wonderful designs.

Year 4 Have Been Busy Learning About the Ancient Greeks

Year 4 have been working hard this half-term.

They have been studying the Ancient Greeks in history as well as reading and writing their very own myths. The children have drawn wonderfully creative mythological creatures as well as describing their awful traits!

In maths and science, they have been looking at data and how they can present them as bar graphs and line graphs in experiments they have devised

Year 2 have been super busy!

Year 2 have been super busy!  In maths the children have completed the multiplication unit and started learning all about division. 

In English, the children are really enjoying their new text called 'A River' by Marc Martin and learning all about adding suffixes to adjectives to enhance their sentences. 

Having completed 'All About London' in geography Year 2 have now started this terms history topic on The Great Fire of London!