Free School Meals

The Free School Meal team are receiving a number of calls from parents who know they are not eligible for Free School Meals based on being in receipt of an eligible benefit (Income Related) who believe they need to register with the Local Authority for Universal Free School Meals.  

Parents do not need to register with the Local Authority in order to receive Universal Free School Meals.

 The Local Authority will continue to administer Income Related Free School Meals  for parents in receipt of an eligible benefit. 

Parents of pupils who will get Universal Free School Meals should still register for Income Related Free School Meals.

These parents can apply online or alternatively if they do not have internet access by telephoning 0300 123 5012.


Improved Access from Lower to Upper Site

I am sure our parents have noticed that the stairs between the two sites have been improved during the summer.

They are certainly safer and easier to use.  This was phase one of a two phase programme to improve access for everyone.

Phase 2 will see the removal of the staircase between the Music Room and the hall so allowing access through this new gap with no stairs.

This work will start during the October Half-term holiday and may cause some disruption to access during the first two weeks in November.

This should mean that anyone whether pushing a pram or a buggy or using a wheelchair will be able to move between the two sites easily.

This work has been paid for by school but supported by a grant from Cheshire East along with additional funds from the PreSchool.

A plan of this proposed work can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


VLE and Year Groups

Due to a technical problem the children's VLE space did not migrate to their new year group as expected.

This is now resolved. 

When you login you will need to click on the widgets to set up the home page again but all other aspects including the ePortfolio should still be the same.

The ePortfolio (a kind of internal Facebook area) is a great way for the children to upload photos and other information as well as communicate and share ideas with their friends in school. 

No one from outside the school can gain entry to this site and the children cannot communicate with anyone outside of the school.

If you require your username or password then please speak to your child's class teacher as they have copies of this information.

The Reception class will receive their usernames and passwords within the next two weeks.


Website Update

The website will soon get updated and changed - most of the information is up to date but some links may stop working.