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Meet Your Child's New Teacher

Parents are welcome to come in to school on the following dates to meet your child’s new class teacher and to look around their new classroom. 

We hope you are able to take up this opportunity.


Wednesday 3rd September @ 3.15 pm - Yr 1 - Mrs Bull / Miss Hilton

Wednesday 3rd September @ 3.15 pm - Yr 2 - Mrs Metcalfe

Thursday 4th September @ 3.30 pm - Yr 3 - Mrs Hill / Mrs Bowker

Tuesday 9th September @ 3.30 pm - Yr 4 - Mrs Roberts

Wednesday 10th September @ 3.30 pm -  Yr 5 - Miss Rose

Thursday 11th September @ 3.30 pm - Yr 6 - Mrs Walsh


Parents of children in the Reception/Foundation Stage Class will be meeting Miss Platt individually. 

These meetings will be arranged at the start of the new school year.  Further information will follow.

Please always note - if you have any queries during the year please do not hesitate to call in, telephone or email school. 

You can also check our school website for up to date information.



Universal Free School Meals and Income Related Free School Meals

From September 2014 there will be two free school meal schemes - Universal Infant Free School Meals and Income Related Free School Meals.

From September 2014 Central Government plans to introduce a new initiative (Universal Infant Free School Meals) to provide free school meals to all children attending Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  

Cheshire East Council will continue to administer free school meals to families that receive the qualifying state benefits (Income Related Free School Meals). For this scheme pupils attending Primary and Secondary Schools can be eligible provided their parents are in receipt of a qualifying state benefit.  The list of qualifying state benefits can be viewed at

Schools receive additional funding known as the Pupil Premium.  This funding for the school is based on the number of pupils registered with the Council for free school meals based on income levels.  Therefore any parents who may be eligible based on their income level should still apply by telephone on 0300 123 5012 or alternatively they can apply online at .

Parents who may qualify based on income should still apply to the Council if they are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits, even if the child will be eligible under the Universal scheme, as this will allow the school to benefit from the Pupil Premium funding.

Schools have been advised that parents in receipt of an ongoing entitlement to Working Tax Credit do not qualify for Income Related Free School Meals regardless of annual income level.  Parents can qualify if they are only in receipt of Child Tax Credit and have an annual income as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs that does not exceed £16,190.00 or alternatively if they have recently ceased to qualify for Working Tax Credit and have been granted the 4 Week Run On of Working Tax Credit. 

If any parent is unsure then they should contact the Council on 0300 123 5012 or call into school and speak to Mrs Rachel French.