Bonfire Night @ Alderley Edge Community Primary School

Saturday 1st November from 5.00pm

Bonfire lit at 6.00pm and Fireworks at 7.00pm

Bonfire - Professional Firework Display - Stalls - Fairground Rides - Food - Drinks - Bar

Add the date to your diary and let your friends know!!


Improved Access for All

 Construction work is going well as you can see below


Please see newsletters for more information about access after the holidays.

Access to the Reception classroom will be through the hall in the morning.


Acces after the October half term break


Access work has progressed much quicker than expected therefore the Reception class will be able to access their classroom via their normal route.

The new easy access route will also be ready to use after the holiday.

We hope this improvement will bring huge benefits for everybody.



New Lunchtime Menu and Price List Launched

Click HERE to see it.

Further Lunchtime Catering information can be found by clicking on the School Office tab above.


Fire!! Fire!!


Year 5 enjoyed a valuable learning experience - how to react when there's a fire in the house!

How safe are you if a fire does start at home?

The Fire Service will fit smoke alarms free of charge - all you need to do is telephone Wilmslow Fire Station on 01625 524 066



Improved Access from Lower to Upper Site

I am sure our parents have noticed that the stairs between the two sites have been improved during the summer.

They are certainly safer and easier to use.  This was phase one of a two phase programme to improve access for everyone.

Phase 2 will see the removal of the staircase between the Music Room and the hall so allowing access through this new gap with no stairs.

This work will start during the October Half-term holiday and may cause some disruption to access during the first two weeks in November.

This should mean that anyone whether pushing a pram or a buggy or using a wheelchair will be able to move between the two sites easily.

This work has been paid for by school but supported by a grant from Cheshire East along with additional funds from the PreSchool.

A plan of this proposed work can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


Website Update

The website will soon get updated and changed - most of the information is up to date but some links may stop working.


Message from the Department for Education

Ebola Virus - Advice for Schools, Colleges, Childcare and Residential Settings

The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa, and is taking action at home and abroad.

The overall risk of Ebola to the UK remains low. However we understand that people may be concerned where there are children, students or staff returning from or visiting Ebola-affected countries.

Public Health England (PHE), in conjunction with the Department for Education, has produced advice for schools, colleges, childcare and residential settings to ensure people are properly informed about the Ebola virus. This can be found on GOV.UK.

Please share this advice with your staff and cascade as appropriate.

Advice for parents/guardians

Parents/guardians should not be unduly worried about the possibility of their children catching the Ebola Virus. You may wish to use the following key points from the Public Health England advice to reassure them:

The risk of Ebola arriving in the UK is low and to date there have been no cases of Ebola Virus Disease being contracted in the UK.

Any person arriving in the UK having travelled from any Ebola affected countries will be screened. If they are free of symptoms they are not infectious so there should be no restrictions on their school attendance or normal activities.

It is not possible to catch Ebola from a person who is not showing signs of being infected. It can only be caught by direct contact with the blood or body fluids of a person who is ill with the disease.

There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend school or their early years setting as normal.

Further information on the Government's response to the Ebola virus can be found on GOV.UK.